Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greetings & Welcome!

Welcome to my Christian fantasy blog, Of Faerie & Faith! Let the questing, parties, dreams, imaginings, festivities, and book-filled feasting begin!

The name pretty much explains itself, but here are a few quick points for those of you who are so rushed you can't quite fathom how else you'd figure out :) .

1. Christian ~ I am happily and unashamedly, delightedly, blissfully, & thankfully Christian. So, what's that? Well, basically, being "Christian" means I trust Jesus Christ's sacrifice of His life to save me from my sin. If you're curious about specifics, check out my Worldview here. At the *ultimate* core, being Christian means I try to follow Christ in every aspect of my being - which I can only do because of His power strengthening me. Pretty cool, right?

2. Fantasy ~ *smiles blissfully* Welcome to my heart :) . In case you're blind, or otherwise somewhat disabled, you can probably tell that fantasy is quite important to this blog. But what does a "fantasy" blog look like? {Look around} My blog will feature inspirational pictures of knights, ladies, dragons, landscapes, castles, fairies, and much more. I'll discuss magic, quests, and how an imaginary world can fit into a Christian perspective. Satisfied? I hope not, because the best is yet to come!

3. Faerie ~ If you're curious about the particular word in the blog title, quench your curiosity immediately by clicking here: {Faerie} .

I look forward to seeing you and your comments around the blog! God bless!


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