Saturday, April 30, 2011

Resources for Authors


Writing Resources ~

Holy Worlds Forum {A Christian fantasy forum for writers}

Advanced Fiction Writing {Christian writer Randall Ingermanson with brilliant software and writing resources, plus humor}

FaceFinder {A collection of face-only images for authors' inspiration}

Olorea {Free, modest, fantasy-related stock images site}

Science Fiction and Fantasy World {A collection of science fiction and fantasy-related resources}

Writers' Blogs ~

Dragon Bloggin {Christian fantasy author Donita K. Paul - look for a secret recipe :) }

Enter the Door Within {Christian fantasy author Wayne Thomas Batson - tons of humor}

Christian Fantasy Fiction Books {Christian writer John Edgell - articles on fantasy}

Fairies, Fantasy and Faith {Christian writer Pam Hall - writing techniques and fairy whimsy}

A Christian Worldview of Fiction {Christian writer Rebecca Miller - excellent analyses of Christian writing & publishing}

Cats Eye Writer {Blogger Judy Dunn - articles on blogging}

Wordplay {Author K.M. Weiland - tips on writing in today's world}

Editors & Agents' Blogs ~

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor {Blog & resources from editor Victoria Mixon}

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent {Blog & articles from Rachelle Gardner, literary agent}

There Are No Rules {Editor and former publisher Jane Friedman tackles many writing-related issues}

Other Writing-Related Blogs ~

Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Blog {A group of Christian fantasy writers on writing and fantasy}

StoryFix {Website and blog with novel writing tips for publishing writing}

Write to Done {Inspiration & helpful articles on writing to finish and to publish}

Writer Unboxed {Authors, agents, and publishers about the craft and business of fiction}

Marketing Blogs & Sites ~

Copyblogger {Internet marketing "mother of all wisdom"}

Men With Pens {Website to help with all web design needs}

Author Tech Tips {Website to help authors conquer technology}

Book Review Sites ~

Into the Book {Christian book reviews especially for young adults. Excellent, thoughtful resource}

The Christian Guide to Fantasy {Christian fantasy book reviews - excellent, but last updated 2007}

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