Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Next?

We've been through a bunch of beings of Faerie - from royalty to guardians, from dragons to elves, and a few far-off and mysterious things between. Obviously, I can't possibly post on every single being in Faerie--it would take all my lifetime, and I probably wouldn't reach the end even then! So, for now, this first series on beings of Faerie is at an end. {Still, be on the lookout for a continuation in the future!}

Now, what's coming up next?

I'll be writing a short series on realms of Faerie. I will post about castles, landscape, and a few other topics related to fantastic places. Along with writing about these "realms" and connecting them with a Biblical worldview, I'll also post some inspirational pictures for you to use in your own dreaming, imagining, and writing. So enjoy!

May your pencils stay sharp!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait :) Your writing style is darling, and I am so impressed that you finished the series O.o I have managed about two posts in any of my series, and then they trail off into nothingness! God bless <3

  2. Why thank you, Belle! I've always enjoyed reading your posts, too--I think each style of blogging has something valuable, from string-bean-blog-series to eclectic galore!

  3. Sienna, I look forward to your future series and I've enjoyed reading what you've already posted! I'm also an avid reader/writer of Christian fantasy, and I love the vision you have for your blog. :)

  4. Thank you for your comment, Sarah! I'm always glad to meet a fellow fantasy writer & reader ;) . I certainly hope to carry through with the blog, by God's grace (although there has been a recent lapse due to several transcontinental moves in my family). Please keep enjoying!


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