Friday, May 11, 2012

What are You Writing?

Over the course of this blog, we've discussed a lot of different subjects: creating fantasy worlds and beings, writing villains, constructing fantasy fashion, favorite books and authors, and much more.

Today, though, I'd like to take a look at something we haven't touched on at all: what you are writing.

Yes, you.

Do you write melodious poetry? Or fantasy stories of swashbuckling princesses and dragons-in-distress? Or historical fiction from out of the mists of ages past and auld lang syne? Or modern stories of cell-phone-toting heroes and heroines struggling to make a dent in the cosmopolitan frenzy of the 21st century? Jane Austen fanfiction? Fairytale retellings? Or something else entirely? Please, do tell!

I suppose I'd better mention what I'm working on, too. Currently, I've got two projects underway.

The first is a fantasy story (naturally). A teen girl becomes "lady of the lands" through a series of strange mistakes and struggles to reconcile the independent Ranger faction and the rulers of the seven lands (especially the Lowlands, which is threatening to secede) in order to face the "forces of evil" warring against the realm.

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of knots to strangle out in that story, which is why (for the moment) I've turned to a new story, one that really matters deeply to me.

It's about a 15-year-old Japanese girl caught in Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami. On one level, the story is about survival, but in a deeper sense, it's about friendship, family, and forgiveness. For me, having grown up in Japan and having been there last year on March 11th, it strikes close to my heart. I pray that it may do the same for others.

So, that's my stories. Now, please, let me know: what writing are you concocting now?


  1. Currently I'm in the midst of a rewrite/edit of my first fantasy epic. It would take way too long to explain what it's about, so I'll just give you the teaser:
    "The fate of a nation and the faith of its people have collided with one man's destiny.
    A decade of war and centuries of hatred are racing towards a catastrophic conclusion. The country of Moritar has rallied the forces of evil in a merciless onslaught against the nation of Adelfia. The strength of their desire to destroy is rivaled only by the Adelfians' determination to defend what is theirs. And the scale of victory and defeat is balanced in the hands of a man with no true loyalty to either side... a man who is a traitor no matter which side - and destiny - he chooses."

    There you have it... more or less. I've set myself a deadline to have it done: June 16th. We'll see if it gets done!
    Both of your current projects sound awesome too. Can't wait until they're available to read!

    1. Ooh, love it! You've definitely mastered the art of the teaser. Please let me read it! :D It pushes all my buttons - fate of a nation at stake, an unlikely hero, traitors and defeat and victory... Tell me when you finish it!

      Aww, thanks! I hope they're available to read, but now I'm still in the someday/maybe/dream stage!

    2. Thanks! I'll let you know when it's finished. : D

  2. Both your stories sound very interesting. I also write fantasy. My young hero and heroine are destined to save their dying land, but first must survive their childhoods, free the light god, and defeat an evil mage.
    It's actually finished. I pitched this weekend to an editor from TOR and was asked to submit the first 3 chapters...which I did today!!!! Woot Woot!!!

    Great post, lady!!!

    1. Wow, quite the destinies for your hero and heroine! And huge congrats for finishing! And pitching to an editor? Fabulous! Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers crossed for publication :) - speaking of which, keep me updated; I'd love to read it!

  3. I am currently trying to finish the first draft of the first book of a fantasy series with allegoric truths. I want to be different, putting plots you would find in a modern mystery and putting it into fantasy. Two teens have lost their memory and have to find out who they are in the process of finding out how to stop the Enchantress from finishing the Fade of the realm of Mistia, which would slowly kill everything and it would all disappear and not exist anymore.
    I am also trying to finish an allegory by Sunday so that my family can read it. It came from inspiration that came to me when I heard a sermon at church about how people spiritually starve themselves till Sunday when they just pick at the spiritual food the pastor serves and don't take more than a few bites, and during the week they fill themselves with junk and don't take any time to soak in the light. So that is an interesting one. I also got an idea for a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Hmm, sounds like a very cool concept - I especially love the idea of "the Fade." Brilliant name. It'd make a great title, too!

      Allegories are great! Plus, it's even great-er when you get inspired by church. Enjoy writing :)

      Ooh, retelling of Beauty and the Beat? I love that story! You must let me read it when you finish!

  4. Currently I'm working on one novel and planning another for Camp NaNoWriMo next month.

    The novel I'm working on is a fantasy novel. A girl from the modern age has an unusual power. She can see other places through mirrors, and travel through them as well.

    When she accidentally travels through a mirror into another world, she is hailed as the mirror princess. She must take up this role and free this world from a tyrant in order to return home.

    This story is mostly finished, and I have a deadline on head too. I plan to have it finished before Camp NaNo. Obviously it needs lots of work, but the basics are there.

    For my Camp NaNo novel, I am planning to write another fantasy. It's set in a world where magic is controlled through song. The country of Kerr had magical boundaries, generated by a magic, crystal tree. These boundaries are failing. Two girls, song magicians, are sent to find out what is wrong with the tree, and fix the problem. However, the one who heals the tree must make a great sacrifice.

    I'm hoping to turn this book into a trilogy. I've got ideas for the plots of the other two books, and might even write them during the second session of Camp NaNo and actual NaNo.

    1. Oh boy, now that is a lot of novels you have there! I'm amazed that you can manage to think about so many projects at once :) . And NaNoWriMo is such good motivation for writing, at least for churning out the first draft!

      Mirror princess? How cool! Is it at all like Alice in Through the Looking Glass? Or is it more "normal" and not quite so creepy-crazy?

      Magic controlled through song--I love that idea! And what a cool trilogy concept you have there. I sure hope it works out for you to write them as NaNo books - because I want to read them soon :D

    2. It's slightly like Alice. Certainly the world doesn't make much sense to her.

      I am definitely going to get the trilogy written in the NaNo sessions. It's such a great way to get first drafts punched out, especially if you get some planning done first so the draft is useable.

    3. Hmm, cool. I do enjoy anything that is unexpected and nonsensical, at least at first :)

      That sounds like a fabulous idea! I did NaNoWriMo for the first time last year, and I was tired out of my wits, but amazed at how much I really could write. I startled myself. But, that said, I was seat-of-the-pants-ing, so the stuff I wrote wasn't exactly publishable material! Still, maybe someday. Hope it goes well for you!

  5. Replies
    1. What a cool genre to write in, Traci! It's definitely a great niche, with a core of very dedicated fans. Plus, it's a bit more of a rarity - horror is not written by all to many authors, I've found.

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm the odd one out, as I'm sure you know. ;) I'm currently working on editing my historical fiction Robin retelling. After this last (I can hope, right?) plot overhaul, I hope to turn to my futuristic dystopia-style book (also to edit).

    I'll just go with my current synopsis:

    "All Marian has ever really wanted is to be loved, and she thinks she's finally found that in Ralph Murdoc. But then she meets the outlaw with the blue eyes, and he threatens to tear down everything she thought she believed. She is left with the task of sorting truth from lie--and a clock ticking towards death. When she is forced to make a choice, can she possibly make the right one?"

    1. I don't know if *anyone* is the odd one out, Nairam! I'm writing contemporary disaster/survival fiction, others are writing horror or scifi or a lot of other things. Plus, Robin Hood is pretty awesome.

      I can see you've practiced your synopsis/teaser there! I love it! Please let us know when you're all finished. Are you planning to self-publish, or will you try traditional publishing?

      Also, the futuristic, so much potential! I await it eagerly :)

  7. I am re-writing one fantasy, which I'm contemplating turning into a YA rather than adult, but we'll see. It's all about dryads, humans, and blood magic, and what happens when someone who shouldn't exist DOES exist (my main character). There are many plot holes to fill in >_<.

    Otherwise, I have what I call my "eternal story" - I've been working on this thing for almost ten years! But if it makes sense, I finally feel like I've reached a point in my writing where I can finally do it justice. Before now, nothing would ever work, and I'd end up setting it aside for a couple of years, and then try again. It's an epic fantasy.

    And now, I'm also starting a new story! This one is called "The Undoing Chronicles", and will deal with things like genocide, adultery, and a black market for unborn infants. I don't like light and fluffy topics, evidently. I prefer torturing my characters XD.

    1. Ooh, someone who shouldn't exist does? Fantastic! And don't worry about the plot holes--those just take time and a pinch of inspiration/reading about boring subjects like the art of growing the cucumber, and then you'll get a brilliant way to reconcile the threads in no time!

      Really? Ten Years? Now that is a long time. My first fantasy epic story was in the works for six years before I shoved it aside and moved on to less murky waters. I guess I can always hope that I'll return to mine someday, too!

      Someone needs to cover the tough topics, that's for sure. And, after all, what's better than torturing characters for increasing suspense and drama? It certainly sounds very cool. Tell me when it's available to read, please!

  8. Both stories sound interesting, especially the Japanese one. I have a missionary friend in Japan who drove his van into the tsunami/reactor region to hand out blankets, food etc. He said many Japanese Christians were reluctant to do it because they were terrified of the radiation.

    I've just read 'Picture Bride,' which I picked up for a song from Book Depository. Interesting read, covered from 1912 to 1943 through one lady's eyes.

    At the moment I'm still working on an epic YA Christian fantasy, which I started in (ahem) 1990. This is most definitely the last draft. It's almost done, and I've cut it down by a third by removing unnecessary fluff etc.

    1. Oh, that's fascinating! There are so many stories and so much depth from that time in Japan, just as there are always stories amid loss and destruction.

      That sounds quite interesting! 1912 to 1943? Quite the time in history, for certain. Thanks for the recommendation :)

      Wow, 22 years? That's what I call definite dedication. I'm extremely impressed! That's wonderful to stick with it for so long! Please tell me when it's available to read :)

  9. My husband and I co-write...which can be challenging when you both are creative, but we figure the Bible says "in a multitude of counselors there is wisdom". Collaboration can be a beautiful thing when the Holy Spirit's involved. :)

    We just self-published our debut fantasy novel, Tarnished. We're getting ready to pitch it to the Kickstarter audience in the next day or so. From what we have discovered, that's a wonderful way to initiate interest in your material. Pray for us, if you think of it. We really want His direction with our story.

    1. Co-writing? That's very cool! But it does sound quite tricky. I'm glad it works for you :)

      Congratulations on publishing it! I know it takes an incredible amount of work even to self-publish. I will certainly be praying. Can I have a link for Tarnished?

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Absolutely. :) Our Kickstarter link is

    and the link to the book on Amazon is

    Thanks for asking. :) Tarnished is our answer to all those books that try to make magic or magical creatures special. I mean, I think magical creatures are fun, done Narnian style, don't get me wrong. But I thought, "What if there was a world where just being human was special? Where the lack of magic made you dangerous or surprising (or tarnished)to the other peoples living there?" I felt like I was seeing a generation of kiddos growing up without knowing that just the fact that God made them who they were made them incredibly unique and wonderful.

    Our website for the book is

    1. Thank you so much for the links! And that's such a cool twist to the typical fantasy story of "hero discovers special magical powers that make him incredibly famous and important to the point of being the 'chosen one'". Great idea, and something that really needs to be written. Thanks again!


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