Saturday, August 25, 2012

Announcing a New Column: Book Reviews!

Starting next month, I’m going to add another column to my blog to review the books I read. I'm not sure yet whether I'll post reviews weekly or bi-weekly or once a month, but I've already got some lined up that I think you'll enjoy, so we'll see how it goes. First, though, let me explain the way my reviews will work.

Stars: scale of 1 to 5
  • 1 = inappropriate or extremely badly written. Don’t touch it!
  • 2 = badly written or with mildly inappropriate content
  • 3 = enjoyable. May have minor content issues or flaws in the writing.
  • 4 = well-written and a good read
  • 5 = an amazing book that delivers a punch. Read this! 
  • I may occasionally include an “all-time-favorites” mark on those rarest-of-the-rare favorite books that have impacted me for life.

Teaser: A bit about the book, whether an excerpt or just a description.

Age level: All ages? Preteens and up? Teens and up? Mid-teens and up (15+)? Late teens and up (17+)? [To be supplemented with plenty of personal discretion]

Violence: scale of 0 to 5
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = mild injuries appropriate for all ages
  • 2 = PG-level violence that's a minor theme in the book
  • 3 = somewhat more intense violence that plays a major role in the story
  • 4 = a lot of violence and death of a PG-13 nature
  • 5 = R-level violence

Romance: scale of 0 to 5
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = there's a hint of romance at a PG level
  • 2 = romance is minor but present (for instance, one kiss at the end of the story)
  • 3 = romance is a major theme of the story but is appropriate for teens
  • 4 = PG-13 level romance (for mature teens)
  • 5 = R-level romance (for adults)

Language: scale of 0 to 5
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = replacement swear words
  • 2 = "soft" swear words that are at a PG-level
  • 3 = two or three instances of real swear words
  • 4 = swearing repeatedly
  • 5 = PG-13 or R-level profanity

Christian worldview: Any content to be aware of in the story, whether conflicts with faith or places where the book affirms Christianity?

My Personal Opinion: My thoughts on the book’s strengths and weaknesses. No spoilers (because I hate seeing those “spoiler alert” stuff in posts; it always makes me want to read the spoiler!).

I hope you enjoy this addition to the blog! Let me know if there’s a book (fantasy or not) that you’d like to see reviewed.


  1. I just recently found your blog through another friend's blog. I have been enjoying reading all your back posts with your informative insights on fantasy writing.

    I am looking forward to your reviews! I would like to know more about the Ranger's Apprentice series, and also the works of Christopher Paolini, Robin McKinley and Patricia C. Wrede. I'm interested in reading all of them but would like to know more about the books first.

    I like your comprehensive reviewing system!!

    Miss Melody Muffin

    1. Melody, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I love getting new readers (who doesn't? :D ).

      Great suggestions! I'll write them on the list to review. Glad you like the system, too! It took me a while to figure out how to actually evaluate a book other than "I like it" or "It was awful!"

      Thanks again for the comment!


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