Friday, July 4, 2014

An Update

It's been a little less than a year since I last posted on this blog. Looking back, I find it rather ironic that the last post I wrote was about "when life gets in the way." Seems my life has been getting in the way of blogging quite a lot this past year.

To be honest, I've been afraid to start blogging again. I feel like I have nothing left to say. My writing projects haven't been focused on fantasy any more, and neither has my reading, so I'm afraid that if I blog about fantasy I'm betraying myself and my readers. I'm left wondering if this whole idea of "Faeire & Faith" is really what I want to be doing.

To put it another way, I am full of doubts about my writing, my self, and the place that Christian fantasy has in my life.

But let's look at it in another way: when are we not full of doubts? When can we ever say with perfect confidence, "This is my ultimate purpose in life and the reason I was placed on this earth; I will not depart from it"?

Life is about so much more than simple certainties. Life is composed of doubts strung together into a narrow, tenuous lifeline clinging to our one anchor: the Cross.

Whew. That felt good to say!

Let me give you a quick update on my current writing and reading projects.

I've written about 60k of a fantasy story about time travel, Vikings, and a magical Ireland. Unfortunately, what I've written so far is about a third to half of the whole story, at least in my imagination. Plus, I keep getting waylaid by fears that my story idea is ridiculous, cliché, unfaithful to Ireland... You know the feeling. More doubts.

So then I started another story, roughly-maybe fantasy, and abandoned it after only about 20k. Don't worry, it wasn't worth saving. I just wrote it to get out the frustrations about story #1 with a new story.

Then I got sick of fantasy, and I decided to write a contemporary romance story set in NYC about a twentysomething writer who gets fired from her job for criticizing her boss and the company. At the threat of a lawsuit, she's forced to do something rather desperate. Honestly, it's just fluff, but it's so entertaining to write that I can't really force myself to give it up! I think I have about 40k written right now.

As far as reading goes...I must admit, I've been sinking deeper and deeper into the world of Jane Austen. Did you know that there are fanfiction and variations for every possible minor Austen character, from Elizabeth Elliot in Persuasion to Charlotte Collins from Pride & Prejudice? Also, Georgette Heyer, another Regency writer, is an amazing author. Hilarious and so subtle! I have to say, some of these stories are so engrossing that it's hard to think about anything other than Regency dresses and chaperones and carriages and...  You get the picture.

So there's an update on my life. What about you? What have you been writing or reading? Has anyone published any books or stories? Also, has anyone struggled with any of these doubts?

Image courtesy of Creative Commons. "The Path" by GabPRR.

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  1. I'm so glad that you decided to post on this blog again. I discovered your blog awhile ago while it was inactive and your posts truly inspired me to continue writing fantasy stories as a Christian writer. I would truly love it if you decided to keep going with this blog, I really liked your point of view on things and it has helped me a lot. I know it is sometimes hard when doubts cloud your mind, but don't give up! We really need some more good Christian writers out there, fantasy or not. Maybe you could change the direction of your blog? No body expects you to always have to keep to the same niche, expansion and change usually happens for many bloggers (and all people in general). I personally run a blog about crafts and sewing myself, but writing is still a big part of my life. I know I will be a faithful follower/commentor if you do decide to continue with this blog (or a new one). I hope this encouraged you, by the way!


    Tickle Your Cute Bone

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I'm so amazed that you've benefited from my blog, even when I wasn't at all faithful to update it. Those words are exactly what I needed to hear. Who knows where this blog may go in the future -- it will probably branch out from Christian fantasy -- but, whatever happens, it's wonderful to know you'll be with me! I appreciate it so much!

      God bless,


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