Monday, August 18, 2014

Best Gifts for Writers

I'm on holiday right now traveling through Europe, so I won't write out a whole post about ruined castles or ancient works of art just yet. Instead, I thought I might provide some links to a few delightful fantasy or writing-related objects I've found recently. These would make excellent birthday gifts or purchases for yourself. Enjoy!

Fandom Teas: Discover teas from Sherlock to Harry Potter to Doctor Who! They don't have tons of options, but still, I can't say no to sampling a few of these!

Trevillion Images: These are high quality professional images that are usually quite beautiful and atmospheric and would make perfect book cover elements. There are sections for historical fiction and fantasy that contain some amazing work. If you're looking to purchase images for a book cover, then look no further. This is really the best of the best. Do note that it has high prices to match the high quality!

10 of the Greatest Essays on Writing: For whenever you need a bit of motivation or wisdom. The article links to either the full text or excerpts from each of the essays. Wise words for a rainy afternoon or a lazy summer day.

Also you could always give beautiful journals -- writers will never refuse a lovely notebook, especially if it's leatherbound with gold leaf pages!

A fancy pen such as a fountain pen works well, too. Writers need good equipment.

And, of course, books of every shape and size. A gift card to a bookstore works well, but a trip to a used bookstore with shelves piled high with beautiful books is even better!

If you're short on change, consider giving them the gift of time. Offer to wash the dishes every evening for a week, or doing the household cleaning on Saturday mornings so the author can use that time to write.

One of the most meaningful gifts writers can receive is a special piece of original writing--a lovely poem with special meaning, or a notebook full of special things that the giver noticed about the receiver, or a list of blessings or prayers for the receiver. It's even better if it's illustrated!

Finally, you could give a magazine subscription to Writer's Digest or an inspiration-filled magazine such as National Geographic. To me, a magazine subscription represents prosperity and success. Receiving a magazine is like receiving a letter from the President. It's interesting to look at, read, even touch and smell. Definitely a wonderful gift idea! Plus, it's actually quite cheap--typically $20 for a year's subscription.

So there's a start of ideas for what to buy yourself or give to fellow writers! Now, tell me: what's the best writing-related gift you've ever received? Given? Or what would you like to get?

Photo by JD Hancock, Ever Present